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   Symposium 3.0 stems from the lockdown-induced free time and the accompanying question of "what does really matter?". The collection goes back to the roots of Symposium as a brand, that is a mix of Greek & Balkan culture and its influence on the people who experience it. 


   Through four t-shirts, Symposium 3.0 reflects the impact of culture on the feeling of getting back in touch with what is truly important to one. A feeling which can be bitter-sweet, in circumstances such as the ones given by the pandemic.

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   Two out of the four t-shirts were made in collaboration with Greek-Moldovan artist Laurențiu Sârjan (LSRJ). The subjects he depicts are trying to escape their fate while simultaneously not being able to go anywhere, which parallels the cabin fever restlessness provoked by the lockdown, but also, on a larger scale, the human condition.


   The other two t-shirts take on a more melancholic and romantic approach to as they represent a fervently sought-after escapism.